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My First Thought Was Something Like "Uh-Oh"

It should be noted that this is not actually a mod post. But it may start to sound like one.

Posting this mainly in reply to a recent comment. (FYI guys- you can join the comm you know!)

Indeed it is true that Sam Earle mentioned this comm on twitter. I actually saw this at like midnight last night and thought I was hallucinating from my recent lack of sleep. Turns out it was in fact reality.

Kinda sounds like he's killing the idea of Jenna/Bianca. Really?! I mean first KC gets in the way of Clare and Jenna and now we can't even have Jenna/Bianca because of him? No fair! Whatever, if KC does ditch Jenna for Bianca then Jenna and Clare can bond over getting dumped by KC for boyfriend stealers (isn't Degrassi always full of irony) and we can have Clenna back ♥

The greater issue here is that now there is the possibility of Jessica Tyler reading something from this comm so I feel like I should be typing up some kind of disclaimer. Instead I'll just say this:

Dear Jessica Tyler,
If you ever read this just know that despite the slightly sarcastic way that I wrote up the user info page this is a completely serious community whose members honestly believe that your character likes girls. It's not meant to be a joke or an insult we're not that ignorant and that was never the intention of this community. We of course have the utmost respect for you and to some degree the character you play although honestly some members don't actually like Jenna. I'm not sure why you would actually take offense to anything in this comm but as this community's moderator I feel it's my job to cover all the bases.

- JIG Mod

Now to all the lurkers who just found this comm (hey, thanks for the free advertising, Sam!)feel free to join instead of just leaving comments.

Killing two birds with one stone with another modly sounding question. Does anyone have any copies of the old DB Clare/Jenna fanclub posts? I'll take take text copies, freeze pages, screencaps, anything really. It just saddens me that the fanclub is gone forever. I mean that was really the start of Clenna (okay no that's a lie. The start of Clenna was in DB's "possible new lesbian characters?" thread. I can't remember the real name of that thread right now). Anyway, I would just love if someone had any trace of that thread (or the Clenna convos from the lesbian thread). I know its a shot in the dark but I thought I'd ask.
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